Celebrate this New Year with the all-new XL 6

Featuring Nexa’s Crafted Futurism Design Language, this elegant 6-seater is crafted exclusively to match the refined taste of the Nexa customers.

An experience hard to match, driving the All-New  XL 6 is much like reading an engrossing book or listening to soothing music. This highly sought-after model can be owned from your nearest Sarathy Nexa showroom for an on road price of Rs. 11,29,000.

Make this new year truly special by owning this remarkable premium vehicle which is a perfect fit for your family.

Turn up the style quotient

Distinct yet imposing, one of the major attractions of The All-New  XL6 is its dominating stance. Available in Dual-Tone body colour options, it boasts of a strong aesthetic appeal. Captivating like no other, its sculpted profile allows it to leave a definitive impression from a long distance away.

A head turner is the true sense of the word, the powerful stance of the model is further amplified by the strong shoulder lines that seamlessly blend into the Smoke Grey LED Tail Lamps. Adding to its appeal are a host of signature design elements such as the new bold front grille with sweeping X-bar element, Quad Chamber LED Lamps.

Experience Enhanced Comfort

Catering to the needs of the ever-evolving Nexa customers, the model has in store a host of comfort enhancing features such as Ventilated Seats, 360 View Camera, the new Smartplay Pro Infotainment system etc. Conceived in a user-friendly manner, the in-built Suzuki Connect feature allows one to remotely turn on the air conditioning.

These factors together ensure that your rides are cocooned in comfort.

Technology par excellence

Parking of your vehicle is not an arduous task anymore. The top-end model is equipped with 360 view cameras that makes it all the more easier for you to maneuver tight spaces. Approach Object Detection (AOD) feature and the steering based dynamic gridlines help to project the path and this helps you experience the ease of parking. 

Improved Security

No stone is left unturned as far as the driver’s comfort is concerned. Offering utmost safety, it is built on Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform with an extensive usage of high tensile steel.

The vehicle is equipped with 4 Airbags and the all-important Hill Hold assist feature  that gets automatically activated while you drive your car uphill. This prevents your car from rolling down backwards.

Instant access to information

The vehicle is equipped with a Multi-Information Display system which makes it all the more easier to keep track of essential elements such as fuel consumption, energy flow, trip details, driving range, individual tyre pressure etc.  

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is of great use as it warns you everytime there is a notable change in the tyre pressure. This ensures optimum riding comfort and safety.

All these factors combine to make the The All-New XL 6 the car for the season. Gift your loved ones the comfort they seek by owning it from Sarathy Nexa as we get set to embrace the new year.


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