Essential Driving Tips for Beginner Drivers

Driving is fun for some, a livelihood for others, and is often considered a basic skill as far as modern society is concerned. The learning curve differs depending on the individual. Some may feel confident from the get-go, but some struggle on the road even after becoming a licensed driver. If you feel lost in the mechanics of it all, here are some basic tips that can help you en route to becoming a competent driver.

The Basics

When you learn a new skill, it is always better to learn from the experts. Enroll at a driving school and learn driving in a standard and safe manner. Hit the roads on your own only after getting the drivers’ license. Also, it is mandatory that you know the rules before getting to real-world driving.

Tips for Beginner Drivers

Once you are in the drivers’ seat with a license, buckle up!

Adjust your vehicle according to your preference – Depending on your vehicle model and make, it might have seat and steering adjustments. Play with the settings and get comfortable in the first place. Secondly, check the mirrors and make sure you have a 360-degree view of your surroundings

Choose a knowledgeable and patient co-driver – For many people, driving gets challenging because of the one guiding them. Therefore, that choice is paramount.

Know the vehicle – Your vehicle has many controls and switches for various purposes. Getting comfortable with the position of those controls can make the learning process easier.

Choose a road with less traffic – You are into learning something new. So you are bound to make mistakes. Therefore, choose a route that makes your learning process less chaotic and more calmer. Also, it would be more convenient if you choose familiar roads.

Turn down the music – While driving you need all your senses at your stead. Blasting loud music can take away your sense of how much the engine is revving and even affect your reaction time as you might be grooving to the music rather than looking out for possible danger.

Practice frequently – If your practice gets long breaks in between, your learning might take more sessions.

Be calm – Driving involves making decisions one after the other. Therefore it is important to have clarity of thought while sitting in the driver’s seat. Also, it is important that you don’t worry about what others think or be too stressed about honking from around. Just be at peace and take it at your own pace.

Look ahead – Your vehicle even when driven slowly is at a much higher pace than your walking speed. Looking ahead is therefore a priority as it gives you more time to react.

Learn in a car that’s in good shape – When you are learning a new skill, it’s mandatory to have sound equipment. Also, a healthy car is a safe car.

Parking is driving too – If you are taking your car out, you will eventually come to a stop somewhere. It might be at the side of a road, a parking lot. Therefore, it is also a part of driving. An imperfect parking can create inconvenience to others and might even cause accidents.

Always be prepared – Indian roads can throw you surprises one after the other. The only way to stay composed is to anticipate every possibility at all times and be ready to make the move. You will eventually get the hang of it and will become a second nature for you. Till then, wishing you a happy learning!

Know the rules – Rules are coined for the safety of all. There might be moments that you feel you are not in harm’s way even if you are not following rules. But it is a false sense of safety. Therefore, follow the lines, lights, speed limits, and all traffic signs judiciously.

Use your horn and turn indicators correctly – These are important tools for communicating with other drivers while on the road. Use them as needed, but be sure to do so wisely and considerately.

Do not tailgate – Not maintaining a safe distance from the car in front decreases your reaction time as well as the space available for maneuvering.

Do not overspeed – Your first few successful stints at maneuvering your car might give you a false sense of confidence to pick up your speed. As a beginner, it is important to refrain from that.

Tips for Beginner Drivers


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