CNG & Hybrids – Your Efficient Options

In Pursuit of Efficiency

The engineers at Maruti Suzuki have been continuously refining the engine technology to excel in extracting the maximum efficiency out of ICE engines. With the usage of ideal components, revolutionary technologies, and sheer will they have mastered the art of fuel efficiency like none other – maximum power is put to the ground with the minimum fuel used.

Taking the CNG Route

To step up the fuel efficiency game, Maruti Suzuki introduced their first factory-fitted CNG in WagonR in 2010. From then on, Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest carmaker, has won the trust of its customers by implementing several updates to their CNG technology. These include modifications to the engine’s valve seats, shock absorbers, and instrument cluster, which now displays the CNG fuel level. Additionally, the placement of the CNG filling valve next to the petrol filler cap and a successful frontal and side-impact crash test have further increased the confidence of customers in Maruti Suzuki’s CNG variant.

S-CNG – The Epitome of CNG Technology

Maruti Suzuki has revolutionized the way Indian car buyers choose factory-fitted CNG cars. Their S-CNG technology offers maximum safety, savings, and performance, providing utmost reliability and a smoother driving experience. These vehicles are designed to offer unmatched convenience and are considered among the best factory-fitted CNG cars in India. The S-CNG cars are equipped with an intelligent injection system that delivers optimal performance and improved drivability on all types of terrains. The CNG kit is installed directly within the vehicle on the factory floor by highly qualified engineers, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality standards.

The Age of Hybrids

The arrival of EVs has changed the whole automotive picture. Even as the debate is afire about whether EVs are the future, Maruti Suzuki has identified the need of an alternate powertrain option. And it led them to one of the most practical and economical solutions – the hybrids

Smart Hybrid

Smart Hybrid technology is an advanced system that helps to increase fuel efficiency and improve driving performance. In both manual and automatic transmissions, the engine will automatically stop when idle and start up again when optimal conditions are met. The system incorporates a dual battery setup that includes a Lithium Ion Battery. These batteries store energy generated during braking, which is then used to assist the engine’s idle start-stop and torque assist functions. During acceleration, the energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery is used to provide optimal acceleration and performance for the engine.

Intelligent Electric Hybrid

The super-silent Intelligent Electric Hybrid system comprises a battery pack, an electric motor, and a traditional engine and gearbox setup. The system can seamlessly switch between pure electric, petrol mode, and use the power of both the engine and electric motor, depending on the driving situation. It constantly juggles between different driving modes (electric/petrol/hybrid) to ensure the best power delivery or fuel efficiency as per the driving style. It is truly the best of both worlds, available at your command. Also, it can run solely on battery power emitting zero emissions.

CNG and hybrid fuel consumption is low compared to its petrol counterparts. Thus they have garnered a following amongst car lovers.

CNG & Hybrids - Your Efficient Options


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