Why Sarathy is the best Maruti Suzuki Service Centre in South Kerala

Staying on top of your car maintenance is crucial. Don’t put off your car service, thinking it’s unnecessary. There are many reasons why regular servicing is vital. Performance, reliability, durability, safety and resale value all depend on how effectively you maintain your car with repair services. Now, the next question is, “Which is the best car service centre for my Maruti car?” The answer is simple and widely known: Sarathy. If you live in any part of South Kerala, Sarathy is your best choice for Maruti Suzuki car service. You might wonder why choose Sarathy and why it is the best car service centre. The reasons are plenty!

A team of experts to deliver quality service

We have skilled manpower highly trained in car repair services, with expertise in detecting every issue your car faces. All our staff possess in-depth knowledge about Maruti Suzuki cars, enabling them to pinpoint specific problems you may encounter. We prioritise delivering a professional service experience to our customers, starting from the first step of the process, and ensure timely delivery. This approach helps alleviate any concerns you may have about your car, allowing you to rest easy.

Genuine spare parts for your Maruti Suzuki car

Quality and genuine spare parts are crucial during your car repair services, as they ensure the proper performance of your vehicle. Whenever you need spare parts for any Maruti Suzuki car models, Sarathy ensures Maruti Suzuki’s genuine accessories and spare parts for both your car’s interior and exterior.

Wide presence across South Kerala

Sarathy assures you hassle-free car service and maintenance throughout South Kerala. So, next time you have a car service requirement, you don’t have to Google “Maruti Suzuki Service Center near me,” as Sarathy has branched out across 14 locations in South Kerala, guaranteeing that at least one of our branches will be near your location.

Get all the benefits of Maruti Suzuki Service

If you are unsure how often you need to service your car, we recommend Periodic Maintenance at Sarathy. We offer every service and offer provided by Maruti Suzuki without any changes. Our Periodic Maintenance Service includes a 42-point general checkup, free engine performance checkup, full body washing and interior vacuum cleaning, and tire rotation & wheel alignment. Moreover, we also provide all the deals and discounts announced by the company to give you an affordable yet effective car service. Last but not least, car service online booking is another major attraction here.



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