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Envisioned to fulfil a million dreams, Sarathy promises and ensures an unparalleled vehicle ownership experience that drives forward your every day without potholes. With excellent sales and aftersales service, we ensure personalised care for each of our customers. Our support doesn’t begin and end in the sales and service centers but follows you along during every minute of your car ownership. Sarathy is the most trusted automobile dealership and service network and in that trust, we grow and serve. Welcome to Sarathy family.

Sarathy Nexa awarded for the highest digital usage in Nexa during the annual conference of Maruti Suzuki.

Sarathy Nexa won the Best Place to Work Award 2021 constituted by the Labour Dept., Govt of Kerala and the award was handed over by Shri. Sivankutty, Hon. Minister, Govt of Kerala

Sarathy KTM won the Industrial Safety Award 2021 constituted by the Govt. Of Kerala and the award was handed over by Hon. Minister V Sivankutty.

Awards and Accolades

The three decades of excellence in Sales and Service have brought many accolades along our way. Sarathy has focused not only on providing a superior vehicle ownership experience to the customers but also on ensuring an agreeable workplace for our team to work in. For all the goodies that came our way, we are indebted to our faithful customers and committed workforce.

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