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7 Great Tips for First-time Car Buyers

Buying a car is one of the biggest dreams for an individual as well as a family. It’s like welcoming a new member or person into your life. A car is your travel partner for a lot of drives, big and small, alone or with your dear ones. There are many things to consider when you buy your own vehicle. Here are seven tips that will be helpful for you.

Deciding on a budget

The first and foremost step is deciding the budget for your car. Based on how much you can afford, you can fix the car you are going to buy. Don’t be baffled by your easy access to credit and go for an expensive car. So many EMI options
and car loans are available nowadays. You can save that dream for the future. Always think of other expenses apart from the price of the car like insurance premium, fuel charges and maintenance. If you take this all into consideration, you can enjoy your drives without worrying too much about your EMI payments or fuel costs.

Low maintenance cost

This is one of the most important factors while buying a vehicle. As it’s your first car, be prepared to deal with dents, a few scratches and maintaining it to run smoothly. The after sales service matters a lot more than you think. Take into consideration the time you need to wait to get your maintenance done and also the availability of spare parts. A good brand car will be having easily accessible service centres and spare parts. So always select based on all this.

High resale value

You will definitely buy another car in future, especially if you are a petrol-head. And you will probably be selling your first car. So it is very important to think of the resale value of a car. No matter how expensive a car is, many cars won’t get you much when its resold. So, choose carefully by studying the resale value of various brands. The cars which have spare parts available are the ones with good resale value.

Used car options

If you don’t mind buying a used car, it is a good option to consider. All major brands have very organised used car platforms that are quite popular and reliable. They provide cars which are as good as new. You can buy a used sedan having good specifications with the same amount you buy a brand new hatchback with.

Petrol or diesel

One of the most basic things to consider is whether you should buy a petrol or a diesel car. Diesel was a better choice before as the fuel cost was low and mileage was high. But with the inconsistent fuel costs of the present, you cannot buy based on that anymore. According to experts, if you drive less than 50 km per day, the petrol variant might be a better choice as it is low maintenance.

Comparing various models

The automobile industry is highly competitive and you have a tough choice to make. You should always compare your shortlisted models before deciding. Compare major factors such as mileage, type, variant, engine capacity, specification(s), etc. You can ask people who have good knowledge about it and if you know none, don’t worry. Because, there are many websites offering such comparisons.

Car financing options

And last but not the least, choose a financier who is reliable, to avail your car loan. They will have flexible repayment terms and also a good rate of interest affordable for you to repay. Car showrooms do have tie-ups with financiers, but it’s always best to do your homework about the same before choosing to opt for them or not. You can check online for good car loan options. There are many factors like loan processing fees, time required for disbursal and all documentation process before selecting a financier.

So consider all these factors, and buy your first car. Make the best choice and enjoy great rides ahead!


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