IGNIS: The Perfect Urban SUV

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is the perfect combination of quirks and convenience. When its current avatar was introduced to the world in 2016, it was as fresh as a morning cup of cappuccino. And its flavour still stands original and undistilled in the Indian market. There’s nothing like it in the segments above or below. The tale of Ignis thus proceeds on to the future as another classic from Maruti Suzuki’s stable.

A Personality Afire

Ignis, the name has its origin in Latin, meaning fire. This compact urban SUV was designed from the grounds up to have a fiery personality, in the way it looks and how it handles. It’s a perfect fit in every urban canvas, courtesy to its compact dimensions and clean lines. A similar approach is carried on to the interiors too. The dashboard features more straight lines than curves. And the addition of a premium looking automatic climate control segment gives it a feel that is cut above the rest of the Maruti Suzuki cars.

The Space Surprise

Compact is the keyword when it comes to referring to Ignis. With its small footprints, short overhangs and narrow stance, it can be easily mistaken for being a little too small of a car. But once you step in, the sense of space is almost surprising. The tall stance and cleverly engineered interiors gives you abundant comfort in seating with great knee room, head room, ample thigh support and the much needed roomy feeling. Even the boot carrying capacity is great for its size. So once you get in, it is not a small car anymore.

A Match Made in Heaven

Ignis performs exactly as it looks – peppy & quick on its feet. The 1.2L K-series 4 cylinder engine is just the perfect thing to exist under the hood of this little car. It’s smooth, silent, responsive, frugal and unmistakably powerful. The engine is paired to manual and AMT gearboxes. The engine perfectly complements your city and highway duties. Indeed a match made in heaven!

Ergos Perfected

Buying your car and living with it are entirely different cases to deal with during car ownership. You can pinpoint the positives and negatives to a certain extent. But once the car becomes a part of your everyday, certain things get more clear, like the reach to the buttons, the view from the driver’s seat, etc. The Ignis got it sorted all-round. The placement of buttons, the ease with which you can get in and out, placement of levers, the seating comforts and hundreds of such little things slowly dawns on you and makes living with it a blissful and careless affair.

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis, thus, is a very unique car that can fulfil so many duties with elan – a city commuter for your grocery shopping and a fun highway rider. It even handles mild offroads with little trouble, courtesy to its high ground clearance and smart approach and departure angles. So, the Ignis is basically a perfect machine because it is what you make of it.


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