Celebrating 7 Years of NEXA with the Black Edition

The premium dealership chain from Maruti Suzuki, the NEXA has completed 7 successful years of providing unmatched motoring experience to its customers. This prestigious occasion happens to coincide with the 40 years anniversary of the Maruti – Suzuki collaboration in India. Therefore, by all means, this moment demands celebration at its finest. And Maruti Suzuki decided to give it a ‘dark’ twist!

The NEXA Lineup goes Black

Exclusivity is what Maruti Suzuki promised its customers when NEXA was first launched in 2015. In line with that tradition, the NEXA offerings are now provided with a Black Edition giving each model a bold new twist to their personas. The Baleno’s bold curves are much more prominent than ever before. The Ciaz acquires a whole new level of executive charm. The big black Grand Vitara is going to be a sight to marvel at on our roads. The meek and refined XL6 is going to turn badass on our highways. And, the Ignis’ futuristic- retro makeup is going to shine better than ever.

Accessories to Complement the Black

No stone is left unturned for this big occasion. The NEXA customers can customise their limited edition cars with an exclusive accessory package that will dial up the ownership experience to eleven. Also should be noted is the fact that the Black editions don’t come at any added cost. It will be available for the Alpha and Zeta variants of all models.

The Pleasing NEXA Experience

Maruti NEXA, by all means, aims to make the customers happy during the sales and the whole ownership period. The showroom experience is designed to make the customers feel at home. During the delivery, it is not just the vehicle that they take home, but also a sweet aftertaste of the experience at the NEXA showroom. The same level of welcoming feeling is continued during the services too. This level of customer comfort is exclusive at NEXA, among other dealers.

The NEXA Rising

The offerings during this anniversary don’t just end with the Black Editions. Bookings have started for two all-new Maruti NEXA models. The most anticipated vehicle in the country, the JIMNY and an exciting SUV, the FRONX. With Jimny, Maruti Suzuki is bringing back an off-roader after a long while since the Gypsy was discontinued. It is a ladder-on-frame bare-bones SUV with the All Grip technology. The FRONX is based on Baleno’s platform. It features the 1.0L Boosterjet turbo engine, which marks its return after featuring in the Baleno RS. 

NEXA Being Future Proof

Maruti Suzuki continues to awe its Indian customers by introducing the best of the automotive world in a budget avatar. When the Maruti 800 was launched as the first Maruti car in 1983, it was lightyears ahead of automobiles that existed in India at that time. Now, Maruti Suzuki has launched the first strong hybrid budget offering with Grand Vitara through NEXA, a big step towards the future in the right direction.

Let’s just say that Maruti Suzuki is knitting a future taking notes from its own history. 


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