The Arrival of G.O.A.T. in the Wild

We are a blessed lot. Our country is a complete package when it comes to the collection of landscapes and terrains. And that makes travelling so much more worth it. And in those travels, sometimes, absurd curiosities can wellspring within us that persuades us to take a detour off the road – to find out what lies beyond, how far can we leave the tarmac behind, or how the world looks from atop a hill that we saw through the car window. Talking about having an adventure? That’s just the beginning. 

And the Mountains Echoed

The tales of Jimny begin where the roads end. Those tales have been passed down from generation to generation since 1970 when the first iteration of Jimny hit the world. It’s been a ride. Jimny has now reached its fourth generation spreading the tales that resounded in the cities, country roads, trails, and hills alike. And we Indians tasted the Jimny in its popular Gypsy avatar and we still savour it to the fullest. 

The Perfect Tool to Conquer Landscapes

From the beginning, the idea of Jimny was simple. And it still is. To be light, compact, capable and extremely affordable. Jimny doesn’t play itself into a particular class of vehicle, rather it creates a class of its own. The AllGrip PRO 4×4 capability is not just an extension of its lifestyle charm, but its identity itself. The Jimny is equipped with Brake Limited Slip Differential, Hill Hold Assist, and Hill Descent Control to assist you when the occasion arrives. 

Rugged & Reliable

Yes. The Jimny is equipped with essential electronics. But don’t let it fool you. Because underneath the very welcoming nature is a rugged and tested Ladder Frame chassis and a capable powertrain that takes a life of its own when treading the unbeaten paths. The 1.5-litre engine is a tried and tested unit that can take you to that last milestone and back with ultimate capability and reliability. It is mated to 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission options. And the rigid axle suspension lets your tire have perfect contact with the soil in rough road conditions.

The Exotic Everyday

The Jimny doesn’t try to impose its presence upon the spectators, rather it attracts attention from its uniqueness.It feels at home in the city streets while still being a true-blue off-roader, courtesy of its narrow dimensions and great visibility. The new 5-door iteration makes it ready for everyday errands, the comfortable seats make you feel at home, and the purpose-built interiors tolerate the rough use making life with Jimny an easy affair.

Blend In, Stand Out

The Jimny comes in a variety of colours. The Granite Grey brings it a certain level of maturity, the Bluish Black gives it an elegant outlook, the Pearl Arctic White sure does bring an air of superiority, the NEXA Blue makes it stick to the brand, and the Sizzling Red is going to grab great attention. But in its signature colour the Kinetic Yellow, the Jimny displays its uniqueness in full capacity and stays distinct from whatever is out there on the road. Depending on the colour you choose, your ride can be flashy or less conspicuous. But, we assure that you cannot completely avoid attention because it’s a Jimny.

The bookings are open for Jimny at Sarathy NEXA showrooms. If you are still in doubt, just think about how cute it looks!


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